Aug 27, 2023    Dr. Ronald J. Morrison

Are you paying attention to how quickly anything that man builds can be destroyed by elements over which we have no control? Wind and rain, fire and floods, are destroying everything in sight. Likewise, kingdoms and leaders that once appeared invincible have been destroyed. How much time do you spend being concerned about future events and the possibility of wars between nuclear powers? Do you realize that only the Lord knows for sure what will happen in the future? Have you learned that He chooses to reveal to us what we need to know about future events, so we never doubt His Sovereignty over the nations? Daniel’s writings will teach us about six kingdoms. Four of this world system, one of Satan, and one of our Lord Jesus Christ. Only one of them will last forever!

Daniel 7 & 8

Daniel became ill and fainted at the news of his people suffering, Yet he trusted the sovereignty of God. He was comforted in knowing that one day the king and his kingdom would come. Will you be ready?

Dr. Ronald J. Morrison

August 27, 2023