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- Posted on Jan 15 2017, Speaker: Pastor Le Sean E. Motton Sr.

Hope Alliance Bible Church selected as Maple Heights 2016 Citizen of the Year!

Dr. Ronald Morrison, the staff of Alliance for Family Hope and the members of HopeAlliance Bible Church humbly thank the City of‎ Maple Heights for acknowledging our heart to glorify God by serving the community of Maple Heights!

Our local church is committed to ministering to the entire family. We believe that Jesus Christ is sufficient, and the only answer to the issues of life. We want to teach you to worship Him and trust Him.

We invite you to come and grow with us!

Our current sermon series covers questions like: What will the world look when Christ returns?  Join us for a timely study in reality and Bible prophecy.  The series is available for watching or listening here: Living the Life that Acknowledges King Jesus

CMA Pastors participate in a panel discussion on the Church and Racial Tensions in America
Check out the video. The link is under Ministry Update on this page.



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The Church & Racial Tension in America!

The Christian & Missionary Alliance addressed hard questions of how the church should respond to racial tensions in America.
Click here to listen to the panel discussion!

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The Truth in LOVE – 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Posted on Jan 15 2017, Speaker: Pastor Le Sean E. Motton Sr.

Where is the Fruit? – Luke 13:6-9

Posted on Jan 08 2017, Speaker: Pastor Leonard Tanks, Jr.