• We are Hope Alliance Bible Church

    Our local church is committed to ministering to the entire family. We believe that Jesus Christ is sufficient, and the only answer to the issues of life. We want to teach you to worship Him and trust Him. We invite you to come and grow with us!
  • Our Mission

    To develop Great Commission Christians, involved in community transformation and ongoing Biblical education, in partnership with believers from other ethnic groups, developing sustainable ministries and ongoing coaching and mentoring relationships.
  • Vision Strategy

    3. Invite program participants to worship services and Bible study with the specific goal of introducing them to Christ and beginning the discipleship process
  • Building Progress

    We are in the process of constructing a new building so we can better impact the community. Click here to find out more about our progress!
Latest Sermon :
- Posted on Oct 15 2017, Speaker: Minister Erin Bell



Featured Activities & Teams

Biblical Justice - Food for Thought

Christianity Today's Heather Rice-Minus takes a look at mass incarceration in America. Here is a snippet . . . A single mother is arrested and held in jail overnight for driving with a suspended license that she could not afford to renew. A prisoner with mental illness is languishing in solitary confinement. A young man who paid his debt for a drug offense and wants to start fresh can’t find a job or housing because of his criminal record. Crime demands a response, but are we missing the mark in our pursuit of justice in America?
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Puerto Rico needs our prayers and support.

Hurricane Maria entered Puerto Rico’s southeast side on Wednesday, September 20, with category 4 winds of 155 miles per hour. This is the worst storm the island has experienced in eighty years.
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Save the dates. 2017 Missions Conference November 17 - 19th

Peculiar People The theme is rooted in 1 Peter 2:4-12. In these verses, Peter addresses Jewish believers who are now scattered around the Roman empire as “sojourners and exiles.” They certainly felt peculiar in the culture of Roman cities. Peter points out to them that God has a purpose for the peculiarly different people who choose to live for His Kingdom among the kingdoms of the world.