Corporate Prayer Time

Every third Saturday morning from 9:00am to 11:00am

Prayer Concerns

Puerto Rico District

Pray for Puerto Rico as Hurricane Irma, a category five storm, approaches the Caribbean on a path toward the United States. Heavy rain and hurricane–force winds are expected. Pray that God will direct Irma away from land and that God’s peace and grace will sustain anyone in the storm’s path. There are 63 Alliance churches in Puerto Rico.

Houston, Texas

Continue to intercede for the thousands of people affected by Hurricane Harvey, including those who have lost loved ones, their homes and possessions, and livelihoods. Intercede for survivors who remain displaced as shelters, schools, public buildings, and churches have exceeded capacities to accommodate those needing refuge. Many Alliance churches, along with CAMA, the C&MA’s relief and development arm, have been assisting in relief efforts. Pray for Alliance church leaders and laypeople as they seize opportunities to demonstrate Christ’s love to those devastated by this catastrophe.

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