Vision Statement

To develop Great Commission Christians, involved in community transformation and ongoing Biblical education, in partnership with believers from other ethnic groups, developing sustainable ministries and ongoing coaching and mentoring relationships.

Our Strategy

  1. Exegete and engage the community. Discover who is out there and what kind of needs and resources are needed. Surveying people (in person and by other survey methods) is the primary action at this stage of the strategy.
  2. Offer events to draw people to us. Based upon survey responses create short-term program offerings; marriage and family ministries, job training, tutoring and starting a charter school with Christian leadership, tax assistance services, restoring credit seminars for potential home owners, etc.
  3. Invite program participants to worship services and Bible study with the specific goal of introducing them to Christ and beginning the discipleship process.

Vision Description


Individuals are transformed as they join a fellowship of believers from different ethnic backgrounds, who are committed to becoming disciples who live and love like Jesus. As we learn to demonstrate sacrificial love, commit to doing the will of God, and learn to apply Biblical truth to every situation we encounter, our lives will have a positive impact on other lives. Reconciliation between family members and other ethnic groups will be modeled and practiced, and others will be drawn to the loving community they observe in their midst.

As we encounter the culture outside our doors, we will be engaged in the process of transforming the community near our church. Empty houses will be occupied by families who are being taught how to manage their limited resources, and make wise investments for the future. We will progressively reverse the pattern of deterioration and instability of family units, and restore essential physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual assets into each family we serve. As we grow in our service, we will reach a wider community, reflecting the heart of Christ as we make disciples “here, there, and everywhere.” We will regularly be engaged in supporting missionaries and going on short-term missions trips to experience ministry in other cultures.

At the end of their school day, children will be welcomed into an environment of love and concern. Each one will be tutored, mentored, and challenged to discover God’s purpose for their life. Their days will be filled with computer-based learning activities, arts and crafts, team building recreation, and a family-style meal where they will learn to thank God for the gift of life and opportunities to experience love in action. We will springboard from an after-school program to a Christian school, where we can increase the amount of time we have with the children, and recruit teachers who love the Lord and want to influence young lives for Christ.

The facility we will acquire for our school, featuring classroom and gymnasium space, will be the place where every student is given a quality education by teachers who love them and care about developing character while imparting knowledge. Every standard benchmark will be surpassed by each student willing to avail themselves of the resources that will be made available to them. In the evenings, the same building will be used to teach Bible classes for adults, helping them to acquire continuing education, college, and eventually seminary level ministry training. This will be done by becoming a satellite branch for an existing school, helping them reach students who otherwise would not be able to attend their school.

The youths of our community will have hope restored to their lives as we provide mentors and life coaches for at-risk and under resourced teens and young adults. Teenaged boys will be matched with big brothers and father figures that will help them move on to maturity and productive living. Young girls will discover there are Christian women willing to fill the roles of big sister and surrogate mothers, helping them nurture healthy relationships, continue education, and fulfill God-given potential. They will learn how to minister to and learn from the senior citizens who helped build the communities they are blessed to live in.

We will utilize our skilled workers to facilitate training for new career opportunities, help parents to increase their parenting skills, and offer training sessions on Biblical stewardship and financial management. Hope will be restored as new career skills are learned, and doors open for greater employment options.

Some of our members will focus on ministry to those persons who struggle with various addictions and substance abuse. Every Tuesday evening, men and women will gather together and discuss taking the steps to victory over addictive practices, and celebrating each level of recovery. They will bring together their families and friends who have been impacted by their choices and actions, confessing sins and demonstrating repentance, and families will be made whole again. Total dependency on Christ will be lived out moment by moment and day by day.

Our church will be recognized for having a culture of life coaches that will personally walk each growing disciple through every aspect of their life, assisting them in applying the Bible to the context of their life. Every member will develop a Life Plan that will allow them to experience the abundant life (John 10:10) in their Faith, Service, Priorities, Health, Family, Friends, and Finances. As members learn to live their lives in abundance and balance, they will commit to discipling others to do the same. Each member will learn to live with a fuller understanding of discipleship, and learn to walk with Christ, like Christ, for the glory of God and the good of our neighbors. A healthy and vibrant fellowship of believers will be used by God to attract others.