pastor-leseanLe Sean (41) has been married to his wife Leslie (Story) Motton since 2000. They have five beautiful children: Jordan (20), Jason (17), Lauryne (14), Rhaegan (8), and Le Sean Jr. (6).

He is a licensed pastor with the C&MA, a Pastor of Marriage and Family Ministry, serves on the Governing Board as an Elder at Hope Alliance Bible Church, and has been a Deputy Bailiff with the City of Cleveland since 1999. He currently works at the Cleveland House of Corrections and uses his field of work as a platform to share the Gospel with those in need of the Lord’s Grace and Mercy.

Both he and his wife lead the “Skits to a Successful Marriage” Ministry which provides skits to dramatize marital situations that lead to unhealthy marriages; with proper biblical responses to resolve such conflicts in marriage.

When he was 24, he made his confession of faith in Jesus Christ. However, it wasn’t until he was 29 that he decided to stop living for himself and truly live for the Lord.  He then made a commitment to the Lord; that he would serve Him for the rest of his life.  From that point on, he has pursued a life that is in Christ, indwelt with the Holy Spirit and lead by the Holy Spirit.

He is currently taking classes with Moody Bible Institute pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Ministry at Crown College.