pastor-tanksPastor Leonard Tanks Jr. (D’Angela A. Tanks)

Pastor Leonard Tanks Jr. was born April, 2, 1985. He serves as the pastor of young adults between the ages of 18-30 at Hope Alliance Bible Church (HABC) and throughout Northeast Ohio. Pastor Tanks is the leader of HABC’s missions, evangelism and outreach teams. He is also co-leading “Boys 2 Men,” a mentoring program of HABC’s non-profit organization, Alliance for Family Hope.

Pastor Tanks has two beautiful daughters, Elleana Tanks-Gabor and Celina Tanks. He is married to his lovely, God-fearing wife D’Angela (DD) Tanks. The couple met in 2011 while Pastor Tanks served as a young adult leader at Providence Baptist Church. The two wed on June 14, 2013. Pastor Tanks admits that it was his wife who encouraged and pushed him to embrace his past and to allow God to validate him in the ministry by opening doors that his past left closed.

Pastor Tank’s life before Christ included abandonment, drug dealing, prostitution, abuse, as well as drug and alcohol addiction. He accepted the Lord while in jail awaiting trial for crimes that would have him serving 3-5 years of prison time. By the grace of God he received a Bible in jail. He read and realized that the life he was living was condemning him and sending him to hell. Ultimately, the relationship he thought he had with God was false. He prayed that night asking the Lord to deliver him from his prison and vowing to dedicate the rest of his life to serving the Lord. Two weeks later, all major charges were dropped and he received time served for the remaining charges. February 27, 2010 he was released from jail and released from the bondage of sin. Since then he has lived to fulfill the promise he made to God and is faithfully serving the Lord.

After sensing the call to preach, in 2011 Pastor Tanks enrolled at Liberty University to obtain his bachelor’s degree in biblical studies. In 2012, under the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit he joined HABC under the pastorate of Senior Pastor, Dr. Ronald J. Morrison. With the push of Pastor Morrison and the encouragement of his wife, Pastor Tanks completed requirements and passed the exam to become a pastor within the Christian & Missionary Alliance. On June 1, 2014 he became a licensed pastor. Pastor Tanks continues his educations with his eyes set on completing a master’s degree in apologetics because defending the Gospel of Jesus Christ has become a passion of his.

Pastor Tanks is a family man. He believes that his family “TeamTanks” is his first ministry. Therefore, he encourages his wife and children to discover and walk in their purpose and passion. He enjoys date nights with his wife and attending events, performances, and activities for his daughters. He loves his family and seeks to be a Godly husband, father, and leader to them first and then to be great leader and shepherd to those whom he may encounter.

Pastor Tanks can be reached at the contact information listed below.

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Phone: (216) 372-1420